• CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
  • B.S. in Exercise Science
  • CrossFit Kettlebell Specialty Seminar

Sadie's Story

"CrossFit saved my life.

AfterI blew out my knee in college and my playing scholarships disappeared I wondered if I’d ever feel like the gymnast/basketball/volleyball studette I’d grown up being. Could I be washed up as an athlete at 23? “But that’s who I am!” I thought.

I tried everything from running to biking to bootcamp, even yoga. Nothing felt right, my knee always hurt and I ended up having four surgeries. My self-confidence was zero. I got through college and graduated with a B.S. in Exercise Science.

Big deal. I still didn’t feel like my old athlete self and started inviting myself to some awesome pity parties.

Enter, my brilliant mother. She kept pushing me to try 30A CrossFit and blabbed on and on about how amazing Tony and Karen were as coaches. I gave them a ring and I dove into the CrossFit world and an internship in May of 2013.

I stepped, no, leapt, out of my comfort zone and laid everything on the line. Proper form, moving at my own pace but being pushed to my limits all at the same time. My knee pain was gone. My confidence began to build and I finally began to see a difference in who I was as an individual and an athlete.

I saw results.

But I wanted more. I knew I wanted to become a coach when I realized the whole purpose of why 30A CrossFit was put into my life, and that is to help people. Every individual that walks through our door comes here with some kind of issue. Sometimes it’s physical, like mine, sometimes it’s emotional, like mine, or it can be mental, like… hey, wait a minute…!

My desire is to help others no matter why they come to us. I love being that go-to person for people. I want to see people change, reach milestones and be happy with the results they get.

I learned a lot about acceptance and working within your abilities during my 2014 pregnancy. The whole working out thing was an amazing experience. I felt big at times because my belly was massive but I felt great. More importantly it taught me to leave my ego at the door. Once I’m at 30A CrossFit it’s not about me it’s about the community. My pregnancy went smoothly, I was in incredible shape and I bounced back immediately after birth. I had an amazing CrossFit family behind me at all times as well as a very supportive husband. My son, Mason, is strong and healthy and 30a CrossFit played a huge part in that."