"I got help, guidance and support from the fantastic worldwide CrossFit community. I learned about scaling, modifying, adapting movements. I subscribed to the CrossFit Journal and read every issue cover to cover. I got it. This was what I’d been looking for. Practical, useful and fun."

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"The only thing I was missing was helping others on their journey into becoming healthier and happier. I want to help others achieve strength and balance to maintain a healthy, independent, lifestyle."

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"I discovered what I had been missing all along. It was like a whole new world: we climbed over stuff, we ran, we jumped…you know, we played. And I got fast. And I got strong. And I got powerful."

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 "I find absolute joy in not only being a Momentum Fitness Coach, but someone people can count on outside the gym, too. I’m proud to be a part of something so valuable to the world!"

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"I was 320 lbs and up to that point didn't feel like my weight would stop me from doing anything…until I realized it could have killed me. As a single dad my first and always concern is to stay on this planet as long as I can for my son."

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